Smita this side from OpenNyAI!

Hi everyone,

I am Smita Gupta, Curator at OpenNyAI and Agami. I co-lead OpenNyAI with my colleagues @varun and @atreyo_b.

I am a lawyer who has been working at the intersection of AI, justice and law for the last 2 years and not in the way lawyers usually do (regulating the AI), but rather exploring how AI can increase access to justice in the Global South.

I have been leading the building of Natural Language Processing models (NER, Rhetorical Roles and Summariser) and now Jugalbandi (leveraging Generative AI) inside OpenNyAI. I am also committed to building responsible AI practices for the sector and am particularly interested in the opportunities that open legal data unlocks.

These days, you will find me doing yoga, swimming, or exploring the hidden wonders of my home, Delhi!

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